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Vision, strategy, and execution for democratic and civic engagement.

    Dan Ancona creates stories and builds and evangelizes online tools that connect people and strengthen democracy. He has helped create and build interest in numerous products in twenty years of experience in startups, technology companies and academia, with a research focus on visualization and geographic information. Since 2006, he has been accelerating the shift from top-down, broadcast-based political systems to a more networked, person-to-person, diversity-positive and inclusive democratic system. From 2007 to 2010 he built California VoterConnect, a nonprofit social venture that provided advanced online voter file tools and training to community based organizations and large and small campaigns, focusing on ethnically and racially diverse communities. VoterConnect achieved breakeven revenue in three years, and helped its clients record nearly 1M person to person field contacts in California in the 2010 election cycle. He later founded Democracy Dashboard, the first online social voting and endorsement platform. His clients have included PlaceWorks, TargetSmart Communications, Citizen Engagement Lab, and the Agenda Project. His writing has been published by the Drum Major Institute, TechPresident, Democratic Strategist and various blogs. When he's not writing or building stuff, he's usually cooking, DJing, skiing or sailing. You can get more information about and buy his novel (science fiction, where the advanced technologies are relationships and democracy) at readvenusshrugged.com. He lives in a mini-cohousing community in Oakland with his wife and fellow organizer Jenifer Fernandez Ancona, and their son.

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